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04 11 2023

What is important for consumers, when launching jelly as a new category?

Among the jelly purchasing considerations, taste is the primary consideration for most consumers when buying jelly. But packaging is also considered to be very important, as different packaging formats determine the occasion for consumption. In our study, the majority of consumers mention a convenient packaging format as particularly important.

Since packaging plays an essential part in what makes or breaks your success, as it contributes to a smooth and pleasant user experience of any product, it is especially important when it comes to jelly products. The texture and viscosity of jelly products demands an easy-to-use, easy-to-eat from and easy-to-empty package. The opposite would be devastating. And very messy.

use packaging / product synergies - to your advantage

Unmatched key synergies between jelly as a product and a flexible, easy-to-empty package like Ecolean packaging, result in the fact that most consumers in the study recommend the Ecolean format as suitable for jelly.

Innovation, differentiation, convenience, easy to use and the ability to easily be consumed on-the-go were all key to consumers when choosing and purchasing jelly. And also key credentials of the Ecolean package, emphasizing the importance of the role packaging plays in terms of influencing the complete consumer experience of jelly consumption. All while also reducing environmental and carbon impact.

According to the consumers in the study, Ecolean packaging is the right fit for jelly as the packaging size tested (125ml) is small and delicate and the perfect portion-size for consuming jelly. The packages are light in weight and makes them easy to carry on-the-go, in comparison to other packaging formats. As the Ecolean packages are flexible, it is easy to eat without trouble. The packages can stand alone, even when almost empty and you get a good grip from the air-filled handle.

Less-impact packaging is essential

Convenience features is a key priority when it comes to any food package. At the same time, the ability to save resources is rising on the agenda when evaluating packaging alternatives for consumers. Ecolean packaging is seen as a good choice for environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions as it is lightweight, produces less waste, is lighter on the environment and climate – as well as easy to carry with you on-the-go.

75 percent of consumers in the study will pay attention to whether the package meets the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, and 64 percent of consumers believe that Ecolean packaging is in line with low-carbon environmental protection concepts.

"The packaging directly reduces the use of materials and produces less garbage, which can directly see that this thing is more environmentally friendly than before"
"In the case of the same taste, I will choose more environmentally friendly packaging"


A lightweight comparison

  1. Empty easily. Squeeze it all out, to the last drop. Flexible packages are easy to empty. Squeezability is in their nature. The Ecolean package is not only lighter, it’s also easy to empty completely. Just squeeze all that deliciousness out.

  2. Reduce packaging. Most jelly products are packaged in a tub-and-lid plastic package, often with aluminium foil to protect the content, and accompanied with a plastic spoon, weighing down your carbon footprint. Or in a pouch with a spout resulting in excess resource-use of plastic and aluminium. What if you could reduce plastic use with up to 50%? More convenience, less impact.

Consumer conclusions of the Ecolean package:

  • High consumer acceptance
  • Differentiation abilities on shelf, perceived as new and fresh
  • Enabling on-the-go consumption like no other package
  • No aluminium in pouch
  • The packaging is small and delicate
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • More than 75% of consumers think it is easy to eat
  • More than 77% of consumers think it is easy to open
  • More than 90% of consumers think it is easy to carry
  • Capacity: 125 ml capacity is just the right size
  • It is easy to empty completely
  • Can stand alone
  • Good grip
  • Good packaging texture and print

About the survey

Ecolean conducted a consumer study in China, in 2022 to evaluate the consumer perception of jelly products in Ecolean packaging. In total, 40 consumers were asked to interact with the product and evaluate their opinions of user experience.

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