White paper: Packaging in the Omni channel world


There is a new future of shopping emerging, and as a brand owner, you must understand how digitalization will affect your packaging’s visibility offline as well as online – in the Omni channel world. Use our five tips on how to use packaging to your advantage for Omni channel success.

In a traditional, physical brick-and-mortar store, packaging is very important as a shopping navigator. The primary aim of packaging is to protect the content, but a secondary, and probably equally important, aim is for the packaging to act as an interface between the brand and the shopper – it is a medium for communication. It influences the overall impact of the brand. As shopping turns increasingly towards online sales channels, brand managers must also take this new digital world into consideration when choosing new
packaging solutions.

This white paper has been compiled to give the reader a short introduction to the Omni channel world and its impact on packaging and packaging design. Discussion points and focus areas are shared to help you get your packaging strategy right.

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